The Beginning of my Journey to Health

I remember it like it was yesterday.  “I found a lump, and something isn’t right.” I remember thinking that it is nothing to worry about.  I probably even said it out loud.  But everything was not alright.  The doctor gave us the diagnosis before he even ran the tests.  Cancer.  Our whole world turned upside down. My husband is young, he’s healthy, he can’t have cancer!  We went to the next appointment. I sat, steel-faced, feverishly taking notes and asking my prepared questions. I couldn’t miss anything for this was a matter of life or death.  I looked over at my husband who seemed miles away.  I guess that is what happens when two people are talking about the disease growing in your body in clinical terms.  We shook the doctor’s hand, got the orders for the next tests, and left in separate cars.

I parked in the basement lot of the supermarket; not believing what was happening, and not believing that I still had to go to the store.  We had to eat though-had to keep on living.  I wept uncontrollably for what seemed like an eternity.  I finally gathered my composure because I knew I had to pull myself together for him. I walked into the supermarket that day, list in hand with my coupons and sale flyers. It all seemed so foreign now, worrying about pennies.  It was in that moment that I knew what I had to do.  I could not cure my husband’s cancer, but I could fuel his body for his fight! And that is where my true journey with food began.

I am happy to tell you now that my husband is in remission!  We continue to our healthy food choices because I genuinely believe that food will heal. I have since graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and I am so passionate to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle as well.